Maximizing Brand Impact During Virtual Events

If you've ever attended a tradeshow or conference, you understand the role that branded merchandise plays. It's everywhere you look – signage, booths, merch. But how do you keep your brand visible when your event is being held online?

1.) Include Your Logo on All Giveaways and Swag

Giveaways, attendee swag bags, presenter gifts – all great opportunities to get your brand front and center. Not only does this increase visibility among attendees, but it'll also continue to generate impressions as attendees use their merch in public.

Your virtual conference gifts can still be green! Below is a great selection of earth-friendly conference giveaways.

2.) Encourage Attendees to Share Items on Social Media

There's no underestimating the impact of social media on virtual conferences. We all use the internet to spread the word about events, and people who are excited to attend will do the same. Encourage them to post photos of their new branded merchandise on using the official event hashtag – and make sure they tag your company. The extra traffic generates more visibility for your company! (Pro tip: You can get more people to participate by offering a prize to one lucky person who shares on social.)

3.) Make Sure Your Brand is Visible on Presenters' Apparel

Your presenters' job is to command everyone's attention. It makes sense to put your logos on their apparel – especially somewhere visible, like the shoulder or collar. Branded apparel also ensures everyone's got a cohesive, professional look while reinforcing the event's identity for everyone participating from home.

The quarter-zip shown below is created from 47% recycled polyester!

4.) Keep Branding Visible in Presentations

Who said that custom cloth backdrops are just for tradeshows? Green Giftz now has access to easy to assemble "at-home" backdrops you can use during a virtual conference. These backdrops provide a professional setting and put your brand front and center.

Interested in how Green Giftz can help promote your brand during your next virtual event? Contact us to get started: