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Promotional Products are Thunderstruck with SC/DC


have Thunderstruck our industry! These challenges will continue through 2022. There’s no use Beating Around the Bush. If you want to be successful in Q3 and Q4 this year, you must plan now. Here’s what you must know about SC/DC to look like a true rockstar to your team:


GLOBAL DEMAND & LABOR SHORTAGES: For those that did not plan their merchandise needs through the balance of 2021, their deliveries are on the Highway to Hell. Promotional products, apparel, and retail brands are suffering from supply chain challenges and low inventory due to failure to forecast and worldwide demand for products. Additionally, labor shortage and carrier delays with FedEx, UPS and USPS have us longing for the pre-pandemic orders which were Livin’ Easy and Lovin’ Free by comparison. INVENTORY SHORTAGES: Inventory on products across all categories continue to waver with delays in restocks and continued backorders. One day the item is there and the next the inventory is Back in Black. By the time a client gains approval to proceed with the item, which was in stock days ago, it is now out of stock putting the project back to square one. LONGER PRODUCTION TIME: In the past, our team was eager to jump through hoops to rush jobs for our clients. Current lead times for rush orders is 4-5 weeks with normal production around 5-6. This is not an isolated issue for Green Giftz but rather a global issue for everyone in the promotional product industry and beyond. It’s not our style to over promise and under deliver in this Thunderstruck climate. Only the dishonest will offer Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Fast. Be warned! PRICING INCREASES: With increased demand on items within our industry and raw material shortages abound, items are Up for Grabs and Up in Price. What can we say? Money Talks. Large companies are buying up inventory prior to price increases completely depleting items from major categories such as camp chairs, black t-shirts, coolers, etc. If you’re thinking of an upcoming need and setting a budget, be conscious that others are doing the same and prepare yourself for price increases. It sounds like all doom and gloom so what can you do? Partner with a strategic branded merchandise agency like Green Giftz to get ahead of your needs for the balance of 2021 and into Q1 and Q2 of next year. The only defense to SC/DC is plan ahead!

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