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Green Giftz branded merchandise favorites 2022

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

open journal with worn pages with the year 2022 on the pages

Every year, our team takes time to reflect on our favorite projects. It is always tough to pick our favorites because there are so many projects we are proud of. We have amazing clients!

2022 was a year of many firsts. It was the first time we created a snow globe! The first time we hired an employee to completely manage our eCommerce programs and clients. It was also the first time we created an online store that captured funds and allocated a portion to a fundraising partner. There were so many "firsts" we started to lose track.

Below is a reflection of our team's stand-out branded merchandise projects for 2022. Thank you again to our wonderful clients for another great year!


MillerKnoll Pride Fundraiser E-store

product images of a t-shirt, tote bag, and button featuring the rainbow MillerKnoll logo shown on MillerKnoll's pride fundraiser 2022 e-store

This year, MillerKnoll partnered with Green Giftz to create an online portal for employees to purchase items featuring their 2022 Pride design. These items demonstrate and reflect MillerKnoll's dedication to inclusion, celebration, and support of the LGBTQ+ community. A portion of the proceeds from each sale was donated to the partner organization, OutRight Action International.

T-shirts from this campaign were also featured on teams at the 2022 NeoCon event and throughout Pride Month! We are honored to partner with MillerKnoll on this innovative, community-focused campaign.

In addition to the MillerKnoll Pride Store, Green Giftz was selected as a trusted and long-time partner for the Herman Miller + Knoll rebrand. This exciting project brought together designers, project managers, and key stakeholders to select on trend, sustainable and functional items to represent the new brand.


Grand Rapids Public Library snow globe

a collage of photos showing the various stages of production of a snow globe featuring the Grand Rapids Public Library building in Michigan

Planning ahead is critical to any successful gift, especially a holiday gift! In the summer of 2022, Grand Rapids Public Library Foundation expressed interest in creating a snow globe featuring the iconic Ryerson Building, which would be gifted to their stakeholders and board members. The Green Giftz team went to work and utilized high-resolution imagery of the building to mock up the snow globe. Together, we created a one-of-a-kind custom manufactured iconic gift! Our team was hands-on, managing the project for over four months with our overseas team. The steps included mock-ups, physical samples, review of samples, changes, full production, quality control checks, shipping, customs checking, and delivery! The snow globes arrived just in time for the first snowfall.


a collage of images showing product shots of the Haworth x Halo Fern gaming chair featuring embroidery, patches, and a medallion produced by Green Giftz and a photo of Lou Scarpino standing by a completed chair

Haworth x Halo: Fern Gaming Chair

In 2022, Green Giftz was tasked with a first for our team and perhaps a first for the entire promotional products industry - help decorate a gaming chair that would eventually go to market on the Haworth website. The Green Giftz team became part of the supply chain, meeting weekly with key stakeholders and production, keeping accurate timelines and details, and even inventing machinery to help make the HALO Fern Gaming Chair a reality!

This one-of-a-kind chair features custom patches, embroidery, and a signature medallion. The chairs were featured at the HALO gaming world championships, sent out to influencers across the globe, and are now for sale on Haworth's website.


promotional products and apparel featuring Stiles Machinery logo

Stiles Machinery - Tradeshows are Back

It's never been more critical to make a great first impression on someone! Stiles Machinery was ready to take on tradeshows in 2022, and Green Giftz was there to support them. Through their inventoried eStore, apparel style guide, and hospitality items, Stiles created high-end client experiences at each event they attended.

Green Giftz is proud to be a long-time partner with Stiles Machinery!


a box of products, a scarf, notebook, beanie, two tumblers and a craft cocktail mix in a copper tin featuring the Waste Management logo

Waste Management Boxed Gift Set

Green Giftz had the opportunity to partner with Waste Management to create and distribute over 100 gift boxes to their employee's doors for their annual area meeting! These boxes included a cocktail kit, a notebook for jotting down ideas and breakthroughs during the meeting, a scarf and hat to stay warm in Midwest winters, and drinkware to stay hydrated!

But more than a kit full of valuable and intentional gifts was needed. Waste Management utilized Green Giftz advanced corporate eStore technology to provide an online portal for employees to access and hand-pick one piece of apparel! This empowered employees with the choice to select a piece that they loved. Apparel items were chosen during the week of the event and shipped out shortly afterward.


Ecommerce - Advancing our technology solutions

The promotional products industry is changing, and Green Giftz is ahead of the curve. In 2022, we invested deeply in advancing our technology solutions for our clients. We hired a new team member - Cori McCurren - to manage our eStore solutions. We onboarded new platforms to meet our client's needs, including a new online store solution that combines print & promo with the ability to manage international shipping, currency, and languages.

We are honored to have been selected as the recipient of two RFPS. One for JR Automation's company inventory store and the other for Steelcase's Sales and Marketing Resource (SMR) solution. Both of these stores service key stakeholders within the company who need quick and easy access to sales resources.

The Steelcase SMR solution will service both the Americas and European markets. Employees can customize business cards, flyers, brochures, and other sales resources with print-on-demand solutions. Pre-approved branded merchandise is readily available and shipped within 24-48 hours. The swatching library and spec cards are accessible and easy to find for dealers, managers, and sales associates working with top clients on their interior office furnishing solutions.

Steelcase logo, estore screenshot image, JR Automation logo

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