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5 Reasons You Should Purchase Corporate Holiday Gifts Now

Who wants to think about snowy holidays in the middle of summer? Well, maybe you should be. Summer is winding down, school is starting up, and December is right around the corner. Will you be prepared with gifts for your key stakeholders?

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Supply Chain Issues

Nope, we're not done talking about the supply chain! In fact, we're just getting started. The issues in the supply chain, which affect all promotional product suppliers, will not slow down any time soon.

Many products have been in short supply since the pandemic. The supply chain is a ripple effect. When the availability of raw materials is scarce, the unit cost increases, the demand goes up, and the inventory goes black. Be prepared to select numerous holiday gift options so you have back-ups ready when your first pick is out of stock. Those who act fast will come out ahead in the end!

Import Delays

Does the word "Suez Canal" trigger bad memories for anyone? Just us?

As humorous as it might be to watch a large freighter set free from a congested canal, these are the realities of today. Port congestion, caused by a shortage in shipping containers and employees, is causing extended delays. As we approach peak season, the ports will become even more congested with the cost of shipping containers increasing due to shortages.

Customization and Packaging

What makes a holiday gift exceptional? Design thought, and packaging. Gifts with purposeful design will always have a lasting and emotional impact on the recipient vs items off the shelf with a logo. The only way to achieve a customized gift with beautiful packaging is to allow plenty of time to strategize, design, purchase, and ship!


FedEx, UPS, USPS...oh my! It's never been a harder time to ship gifts and successfully deliver them on time. This is why it is critical to plan ahead with added cushion time to allow for the inevitable carrier delays.

Here at Green Giftz, we offer kitting & fulfillment and help manage all of your dropshipping needs. We'll keep things clean and easy for long as we plan ahead and stay on track. If you know your holiday gift will drop ship to numerous locations inside and outside the U.S, touch base with our team today!


Holiday gifts with high levels of customization, packaging, and drop shipping have many logistical layers. Some of those steps are difficult in a good year, let alone one riddled with supply chain and shipping issues! Labor shortages, fuel price increases, low inventory on packaging suppliers and more can all delay the process of delivering your gift to the recipient's door (or desk!).

Be warned! If you choose to wait, you risk the chance of a holiday gift headache. By planning your holiday gifts now you will likely avoid these logistical nightmares with added buffer. Plus, you'll get to actually enjoy the days leading up to the holidays without the panic of lost or last-minute holiday gifts.

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