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How to Prove the Value of Trade Show Giveaways and What Mistakes to Avoid

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We hear it all the time, “How can I prove to my team the return on trade show giveaway investments?”. Trade shows aren’t cheap – from renting the space to providing the booth, hiring show services, ordering giveaway items, shipping, travel and lodging, and launching advertising campaigns – it adds up to a lot. Roughly, $25,200 according to Exhibit USA.

Your teams’ budget is valuable, and our tips below will help you prove the ROI on your trade show expenses.

Why do I need giveaway items?

Effective trade show giveaways are a key part of your marketing strategy because they:

  • Create new relationships with prospective customers

  • Gain more space in an existing marketing

  • Create new leads and convert those who might be stuck in your marketing funnel

  • Engage current customers with a new giveaway

  • Generate brand awareness throughout the rest of the tradeshow

Consider your trade show giveaway a touch point of your brand which communicates your marketing message.

No one needs a cheap fidget spinner or charging cable that doesn’t even work. Cheap, imported giveaways don’t tell your brand story in a way that is unique to you. A useful, high-quality and high-design giveaway is an excellent opportunity to spread brand awareness. And, when you work with a company that invests in promotional giveaways unlike anything else in the industry, you’re sure to prove that your dollars were well spent.

So, forget 4Imprint or the vendor you’ve used in the past that just slapped your logo onto another trinket that ended up in the trash and take note of what to avoid with your next giveaway purchase.

Waiting Until the Last Minute

If you want to stand out on the tradeshow floor you need to invest time into that planning. As soon as you book the tradeshow and hotels begin gathering the team of important decision makers, determine your purpose at the show, expectations and goals of exhibiting and contact your Green Giftz rep to get a meeting on your calendar.

It’s a good idea to review who will attend the show to narrow down your giveaway options. When companies work with Green Giftz to handcraft unique, often custom designed and manufactured, trade show giveaways, the more time we have upfront allows us to help create incredible items that will truly make you stand out amongst a sea of boots.

Picking Something Off Brand

We pride ourselves on knowing your brand just as well as your employees and team but a major mistake we see too often is companies equipping the booth with items that represent no aspect of the what the company does or who they are. Your giveaway should engage your target audience. Custom made, high quality items eliminate the risk of having the same item as the booth right next to you and allow you to communication what services your company offers, how user-friendly your products are, and create an emotional connection with your brand.

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