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Christmas in July - Unique Branded Gifts for the Holiday Season

It's Christmas! July! The key to a successful, stress-free Christmas gift is to plan early. It's never too soon to start planning when it comes to custom gifts that will really make your employees feel special. This year, skip the edible arrangements and popcorn tins, stand out from the corporate cliche and gift your clients and employees premium merchandise they'll love.

The best branded merchandise are those that resonate with the recipient and come together to tell a bigger, better, brand story. We've picked some of our top branded merchandise pieces this season, which can be customized in more detail to speak to the ethos of your brand. Most importantly, your recipients will love them.

Here are some key factors to keep in mind when planning your holiday gifts this season:

  • Start early! You should begin planning your Christmas gifts in July.

  • Consider drop shipments. If you know you're going to ship your gifts to multiple sales rep across the U.S (or international) factor the time and cost of drop shipping into your budget and timeline.

  • What about packaging? A gift is just a gift...but when wrapped up with a bow and postcard thanking your employees for their hard work a gift suddenly becomes more meaningful.

  • Assembly takes plan for it!

1.) New Corporate Backpacks

2.) Bluetooth Speaker - For Home, Office, Cottage, Vacation...Wherever!

Wireless Speaker

3.) Cozy Throw Blankets

Fuzzy Throw Blanket

4.) Gift Baskets

5.) Branded Apparel Employees WANT To Wear

*Below apparel from Cutter and Buck

Cutter and Buck

6.) Hats with Brand Patches

Leather Patch Wool Hat

7.) Stunning Spa Gifts

8.) Cooler Packs - Perfect for Outdoor Adventures

9.) Wooden Keepsake Boxes

Fill them with local goodies, high ball glasses, whiskey stones, jewelry pieces and more.

10.) Totes Made From Recycled Materials

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