Client Spotlight: Boxed Water Sustainable Retail Items

At Green Giftz, we work with many of our clients to help communicate zero waste efforts. We view promotional products through the lens of sustainability. And that social and environmental lens helps make sure your staff, customers, and partners end up with merchandise that reflects your values and moves your agenda forward.

Boxed Water is a leader in sustainably packaged water and it was important that their branded items reflect their mission and core values. When it comes to sourcing and selecting sustainable branded items, Boxed Water knew to turn to Green Giftz.

"As a sustainable company, we try to be as thoughtful as possible when choosing new items for our webstore," said Marketing Director, Hilary. "Thoughtful of both our consumers and the planet. Green Giftz helps us consider products that we can source from trusted vendors right here in West Michigan as well as source new trending renewable products that might be pretty new to many people."

Their At-Home Eco Starter Kit features branded items that help prevent plastics from ending up in the landfill or ocean. These include bamboo straws, a reusable cotton tote, and beeswax wraps. One of the most unique items in the set is a spiral notebook, produced in Michigan, and made from scrap cardboard pieces from the Boxed Water production line!

On top of their retail launch, Green Giftz partnered with Boxed Water to help launch their "No Plastic Pledge." This campaign challenged everyone to give up plastic bottles for 30 days. The impact of single-use plastic on the world's oceans is undeniable. 8.8 million metric tons of plastic enters our oceans every year. Those who took the pledge were able to sign-up on their website to receive a free "Pledge" kit, which was sourced by the Green Giftz team. The kit included a stainless steel bento box, pledge bracelets, stickers, straws, and more!

Organizations and retail brands use merchandise all the time, for gifts, uniforms, marketing campaigns, retail shops, and more. Why not leverage yours to help drive your sustainability efforts?