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Case Study: Branded Swag for TedXGVSU

In January, we partnered with GVSU to help create branded merchandise for their TedX event scheduled for late February. First, we listened to their needs - cool swag that everyone could use during the event that wouldn't break the bank. With tight brand standards in mind, the Green Giftz team sought out some of their favorite event products.

Anyone who has ever attended an event or conference knows that paper and pen are a must. Why not make the paper pad eco-friendly, slim and easy to store? GVSU decided to show off their "X" logo on these saddle-stitched notebooks in a bright red.

TedX Notebooks

Participants, volunteers, and speakers were given a name badge to wear throughout the event so a lanyard was a must. Simple, black and comfortable were the three main points we wanted to touch on. These easy to wear black lanyards match most outfits and still stand out with strong branding.

Branded Lanyard

The final swag item that every event needs is branded apparel! Whether you're on a budget or have big bucks to spend, branded apparel will continue to be worn long after your event. Bright red t-shirts with a large "X" logo across the front made it easy for attendees to spot volunteers. These t-shirts were cool and cost friendly.

Let your next event shine with branded merchandise! The team at Green Giftz is eager to listen and willing to meet any budget. Contact us today to get started with a free quote:

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