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Case Study: Service Express Brand Launch

Service Express

When we met with Service Express at the beginning of 2018 we could tell they were ready for something new. The way the team lit up when they discussed their new brand colors and standards, the secret logo, and a change in their name was exciting for not only the Service Express team but Green Giftz as well.

We'll be honest...we love helping companies tell their brand story and create more brand ambassadors. Re-branding presents an exciting opportunity to bring new life to your company. Consider it a time to look at your current branded marketing strategy. What is working and what isn't? What can we weed out and replace with something fresh to match our new brand? And remind every team member of the company purpose and core values.

Service Express

For Service Express, the obvious route was a brand launch box. Their team had visions of staff opening their boxes around the US to reveal desirable items with their new logo.

We partnered with the Service Express team, reviewing samples, strategizing and selecting the best employee gifts to showcase the new brand essence. Daily essential items selected were drinkware, journal and a pen, packaged thoughtfully in a custom made gift box communicating their purpose, core values, objectives, ensuring the entire team is equipped to be brand ambassadors. To meet these objectives, it couldn't be just any gift needed to be something special, presented in a special way. So, we went with a tumbler that featured an organic cork bottom and a pen with a soft touch feel and gel ink. Their journal has a leather like cover, debossed with their logo, and plenty of spiral pages to record their ideas.

Then it was time for the piece de resistance - the brand box! The Green Giftz team worked hard to make sure every item fit perfectly into the additional platform within the box. Service Express provided beautiful artwork that absolutely shouted their new brand in the best way possible.

After assembly and quality checks, the brand boxes were packed and drop shipped to over 40+ office locations around the US. During a Facebook Live event, Service Express announced their new brand, unveiling their logo to an audience all across America. Employees opened their boxes, wore their t-shirts, and celebrated a new generation of Service Express.

Congratulations to our wonderful client, Service Express. You can watch their Facebook Live announcement here!

If you're considering a brand launch, contact Green Giftz today to get started!

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