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Case Study: Eco-Friendly Awards and Bags for Chrysler

In 2013, we helped Chrysler meet their zero waste goals by re-purposing old banners and submerged timber to design eco-friendly awards and custom messenger bags, totes and laptop sleeves.

Chrysler reached out to us because they needed Michigan made, eco-friendly awards and their previous supplier disappointed them with products from China that were not earth-friendly. We worked hard with the team at Chrysler to listen to their needs in order to design a awards that met their criteria.

eco-friendly award made of recycled wood

Take a look below at our custom designed Environmental Leadership awards for Chrysler. Each award was individually created from timber brought up from the bottom of the Great Lakes. No new trees were cut down to produce these awards making them sustainable and beautiful. We added recycled glass to make this truly a statement piece.

In an effort to continue to help Chrysler meet their zero waste goals, we re-purposed old banners, once used at auto shows, into useful items such as bags, totes, laptop sleeves and more.

These items reinforce their tagline, "Imported from Michigan."

Are you looking for custom designed eco-friendly awards? Let us help! Simply contact us via email at

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