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Is Gifting a Strategic Sales Tool?

At Green Giftz, we focus on design & strategy. No matter what the project we are always thinking about the return on investment for our clients. In the current climate, it's more important than ever to make sure your branded merchandise is serving a strategic purpose.

Our goal is to bring people & brands together through a tangible gift. Studies show that some 94% of top executives say gifts facilitate deeper personal connections and 80% say business gifts generate a measurable return on investment. Salespeople say distributing a small gift during negotiations can deliver twice as much revenue or increase their chances of closing a deal.

An infographic by in July 2020 further confirmed the importance of gifting as a part of a strategic sales journey. Here are some key stats from the infographic posted:

A gift provides a connection between the giver and the recipient that helps strengthen a relationship, something that can't be achieved through a simple email or direct message on LinkedIn.

Gifting is a critical business tool

One of the challenges our clients face is calculating the ROI on any promotional product, whether it's used as a gift, incentive, or at a tradeshow.

The Green Giftz team partners with our clients to create desirable and memorable gifts that people actually want. In today's virtual world, it's more important than ever to have your brand in your customer's hands. Our team takes the time to understand your customer and corporate culture to identify gifts that will leave a lasting impression on your recipients.

Create a brand experience

Millennials are the customer of the future. What we know, and have said time and time again, is that millennials want brands to provide them with an authentic experience.

Surprise & delight is an old school term that applies to today's customer generation. Millennials expect brands to court them during the sales process - whether that means you're trying to attract or retain them as a customer.

Branded Merchandise does not equal a tchotchke that ends up in the trash. The Green Giftz team solution is identifying unique and custom gifts for desirable customer experience. In financially tough times, our goal is to help even the smallest budget create the biggest brand experience.

Meet them where they are

The goal of your sales funnel is to court a prospect and introduce them to what it's like doing business with your brand by leveraging your mission and values. When gifting to a prospect or current client, curate the experience to align with critical touchpoints.

If you're a certified B-Corp, show off your hard work and mission toward sustainability and social responsibility by sending a gift with an earth-friendly or give-back story. The more detail you can include in your gift the more the customer will feel connected to your brand story.

Built for your audience

When our team of project managers meets with a client for the first time they have a simple know and understand your brand as well as someone in your own organization. Because without this, we're unable to provide unique solutions that were made for your specific audience.

Anyone can order from a catalog or 4Imprint. But if your sales team is doing is your competitor.

With our team, you'll build a strategic sales gifting experience for a better return on your branded merchandise investment.


We're eager to help you make strategic gifting a key component of your sales journey.

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