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Jumpstart Your Corporate Wellness Program

Having trouble getting your corporate wellness program off the ground? Now is the time to reinvent! With the New Year right around the corner, your employees will make their resolutions, purchase new tennis shoes, and ramp up for a year of change. Here's how you can jumpstart your corporate wellness program to promote participation and drive engagement.

1.) Promote: Of course this is the easiest way to spread the word about your program - generate new branded merchandise that your employees want to use. Communication is the key to success with a wellness program. Your employees won't want to participate in a program they don't understand. Below are top tips to promote your wellness program:

  • Promote your wellness program from your employees first day! Include a water bottle (which they can use at their desk and the gym) with your wellness program name and logo.

  • Incentivize attendance by handing out prized workout gear or apparel at your next wellness event - only those who attend receive this gift.

  • Include it in your newsletter - don't forget about company-wide emails! Include a link to join the wellness program and hand out a gift for all who sign up!

Liven Up Yoga Mat Tote: For those with an active lifestyle, meet your new workout partner. This cotton tote is made from 10 oz cotton canvas and 600D polyester. Front compartment stores a yoga mat or towel. Includes 22" shoulder straps. Yoga mat not included.

2.) Prizes: We are all motivated by prizes. We enter sweepstakes hoping we will win the grand prize. We run marathons and join races for the swag bags and potential cash prize for top finishers. So, why not motivate your team with prizes? Skip the trinkets and head straight to the good stuff! Think wireless, Bluetooth ear buds, yoga mats, cooling towels (a great budget item), apparel, custom athletic socks and so much more. When employees hit a certain benchmark, reward them with a nicer gift like a FitBit watch, customized sneakers, or a Lululemon jacket.

Bluetooth Headphones

Verge Earbuds: These bluetooth earbuds take wireless listening to the next level, with high definition sound, compact design, and included charging cradle. Sleek metallic colors have high perceived value. The wireless design is perfect for running, yoga, lifting and anyone who doesn't want to be attached to their phone.

3.) Party: Launch your corporate wellness program in 2018 with a party! Kick it off with prizes and gifts, collect emails and information to sign people up and motivate them with a quick workout that is scaled for all levels. Host this event at your partner gym or fitness facilities - or bring a personal trainer in-house to meet one-on-one with anyone who has signed up. Hand out fitness journals for your staff to track their personal and group goals (partner with friends or committee members!). Don't forget to feed your crew! Select a local restaurant that focuses on raw, plant-based, or healthy nutrition.

Wellness Journal Set

Custom Wellness Journal Set: This beautiful two-piece set is full of customization options. Choose a design for the outside cover and select your favorite texture> Customize the belly band with your company logo and message. Interior pages can be completely redesigned, or, include pages for fitness and diet tracking. A great addition to any wellness program.

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