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How to Wash Your Reusable Face Covering

The CDC recommends wearing a washable and reusable face covering any time you need to enter an enclosed public space where it is difficult to maintain social distancing. Healthcare workers should take top priority for surgical N95 respirators and surgical masks which make choosing a cloth face covering a great alternative.

Note: A cloth face covering is not a replacement for good hygiene, regular hand washing and social distancing. A cloth face covering is not an FDA approved medical grade mask. Please consult the CDC website for more information regarding cloth face coverings.

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Cloth face coverings are meant to be washable and reusable making them a great way to protect the general public and reduce the spread of germs and waste. It's important to wash your cloth face covering between each use. However, you may be wondering: how do I wash my cloth face covering?

It's simple!


  1. Machine Wash: Toss your face covering in the washing machine and wash using the best hot water setting, then tumble dry with high heat. It is better to wash face coverings alone instead of with other clothes. Hanging to dry in full sun is also an option and helps reduce energy waste.

  2. Wash by Hand: A hand sewn or repurposed face coverings may be too delicate for your washing machine. Not to worry! Hand washing is easy and only takes 20 second. Plus it will double as washing your hands. You can wash your face covering by scrubbing it with anti-bacterial soap and warm or hot water for 20 seconds. Then rinse, wring and dry. 

  3. Steam Clean: Use a clothes steamer or iron (using the cotton on linen setting) to steam your face covering for 7-10 minutes after use.


Filters are intended for single use and should not be washed and re-used. It is recommended to replace your filter after every use.

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