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Client Spotlight - Red Sail iQ Virtual Mailing

Project: iQ Virtual Mailing

The Challenge: The iQ Virtual Education series brings over 1,000 customers together for product training, industry updates, continuing education, and business courses. Red Sail believes that connecting and learning are always important and moved their in-person event to a virtual learning series2020. They still wanted to deliver a full experience to participants in a virtual setting to remind them that they were part of something bigger.

The Solution: Green Giftz partnered with Red Sail to select cost-effective items that could be assembled quickly and drop-shipped to customer's locations in a small package. The team utilized their branding and messaging to make sure the package stood out in the mail from an assortment of brown boxes and envelopes.

The Results: "As we were unable to connect with our customers in live settings, we still wanted to deliver to them a full end to end experience. This includes something they can touch and feel that reminds them that they were part of the vent. Working with Green Giftz, we were able to put together a post-event thank you package branded with our event colors and messaging. It's a way to connect in a time when a connection is difficult." - Kirsten H., Director of Brand Experiences - RedSail Technologies, LLC

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