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5 Tips for Selling Apparel to Millennials

We constantly hear about millennials in the media, but who are they exactly? Millennials are today's 18-34 year old and they are taking over the workforce. This generation have tremendous say in today's promotional trends, due in large to their $1.3 trillion in annual buying power. Millennials know what they want. The question is, do you? Here are 5 tips for selling apparel to millennials to help you with your corporate store selections.

1.) Comfortable, Yet Stylish

A standard Gildan tee won't appeal to a millennial, even if it's free at a cool festival or event. More often than not, they want the fashion basics. Millennials focus on the minimalism trend and capsule wardrobes, which means they're selective over what pieces stay and which are thrown in the donation bin. It's worth your time to select items that feed their needs because more often than not, millennials will wear the apparel they like for years to come. The more often the product gets worn, the more impressions the product (and your brand) receives. That lessens the cost per impression, whether the product in question is a basic tee or tank. So, take the time to select pieces that are comfortable and stylish to increase your marketing efforts.

2.) Value Individuality and Authenticity

Millennials don't only embrace their individual differences, they want to wear them on their sleeve. That's why they admire things like unusual decoration placement or subtle logo. Millennials also believe in authenticity. The vast majority of millennials think of their friends as more credible than traditional advertising. They're also likely to buy from companies they consider ethical and not just focused on cash flow. Make your sustainable and charitable practices known.

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3.) Focus on the Story

Millennials care deeply about how a product is made, what a company stands for and what the people who work there believe in. They're not satisfied with punching numbers day to day unless they're passionate and believe in what they're doing. Their apparel should reflect this too. Find a compelling way to tell your story and weave the narrative into all that your company does - whether that's through interesting graphics and designs or only using sustainable fabrics.

4.) Social Media

This generation grew up with computers and have spent their entire lives using (and often times dependent) on them. Today, 87% of millennials use more than three electronic devices a day. More than 60% of millennials stay updated on their favorite brands through social media and 60% use social media to rate products and services. Use your social sites to tell a story and expect millennials who receive your pieces to also tell that story through their platforms. Because millennials are visual learners and thinkers, create beautiful graphics that incorporate more than just a basic logo onto your pieces.

5.) They're Taking Over the Workplace

Millennials make up the largest share of the workforce and they are influencing how people in the office dress. Long gone are the days of stuffy corporate dress. Millennials appreciate environments where they can express themselves through what they wear - comfortable fashion choices that focus on basics. Since millennials live busy lives and are constantly plugged in to work email and software, they want brands that are available to them 24/7. They want apparel that moves from office to happy hour or date night. Consider adjusting your corporate dress code to accommodate the changing needs of today's work force and supply incoming employees with apparel choices that reflect your standards.

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